Hymenocera elegans
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Have a bizarre shape and vivid coloration make this shrimp can be recognizable. The body is cream or white with large brownish-purple blotches with bright blue m argins.
The legs are banded, have small antenna and rigid fingers of claws.
Wild pairs appear to be territorial, sometimes remaining in the area for months of year.The female is larger than males and differ slightly in second color patch on the side of the abdomen.
Behaviour and feeding habits. The shrimps has been observed to eat species of sea star like Fromia, Nardoa, Linckia and Acanthaster.
The Body size of this shrip is up to 5 cm.
Frequency of sightings:
Best time of year:
All year round
5-30 m depth; Female is larger than male.
Divesites seen at:
Angels Window, Aw Shucks, Batu Merah, Lembeh Resort House Reef, Nudi Falls, Nudi Retreat, Police Pier 2
Taxonomical order of this critter:
- Allopontonia iaini Shrimp
- Amboinensis Crinoid shrimp
- Banded Coral shrimp
- Banded Tozeuma shrimp
- Black coral shirmp
- Bubble Coral Shrimp
- Bumblebee Shrimp
- Coleman shrimp
- Dragon Shrimp
- Durban Hinge-beak shrimp

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