Cetoscarus bicolor
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This species is green with pinkish red spots and lines on its head, with a band from mouth to belly and stripes or bands on its fins. The size is up to 80 cm. A variation has a white base color and a broad orange bar encircling the head from eye to rear gill cover, a large orange edged black spot on dorsal fin orange outer tail. This variation is 5-9cm in size.
Frequency of sightings:
Best time of year:
All year round
Divesites seen at:
Angels Window, Aw Shucks, Batu Angus, Batu Kapal, Batu Merah, Batu Sandar, California Dreaming, Critter Hunt, Dantes Wall, Goby A Crab, Jiko Yansi, Lembeh Resort House Reef, Magic Rock, Makawide, Makawide 2, Makawide 3, Nudi Falls, Nudi Retreat, Pantai Jiko, Pantai Kecil, Pantai Parigi, Pante Abo, Pintu Colada, Pintu Kota Besar (Seagrass), Pintu Kota Kecil, Police Pier, Police Pier 2, Pulau Abadi, Pulau Dua, Pulau Putus, Serena Besar, Serena West, Tanjung Kubur, Tanjung kusu-kusu, Tanjung Tebal
Taxonomical order of this critter:
Coral Feeder
Parrot Fish
- Bicolor Parrotfish
- Bleeker parrotfish
- Bluebarred parrotfish
- Bumphead parrotfish
- Quoys parrotfish
- Raggedtooth parrotfish
- Swarthy parrotfish
- Yellow barred parrotfish
- Yellowfin parrotfish

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