Callistoctopus luteus
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This is an unusual octopus species, active only at night. It can be found on sandy and rubble areas, areas with a seaweed cover or on rocky and coral reefs. It has a reddish brown colour and when agitated, white star-like spots appear all over its body which is its only possible colour change. It is poorly known and quite rare. It can be found on sand, seaweed and rubble and is only active at night. The common name comes from the numerous small white spots that are scattered over the body and arms. It is also very fast-moving.
Frequency of sightings:
Ocassional during Night Dives
Body size up to 13 cm, arms up to 80 cm, 2-15m deep
Divesites seen at:
Air Prang, Air Prang 2, Hairball 2, Heynus, Jahir, Jahir 2, Lembeh Resort House Reef, Magic Rock, Makawide, Makawide 2, Nudi Falls, Nudi Retreat, Pantai Parigi, Retak Larry (Larrys Crack), TK 1, TK2, TK3
Taxonomical order of this critter:
- Algae octopus
- Blue-ringed octopus
- Coconut octopus
- Hairy octopus
- Longarm octopus
- Mimic octopus
- Mototi octopus
- Paper nautilus
- Reef Octopus
- Starry night octopus
- Wunderpus octopus

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