Thaumoctopus mimicus
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Solitary, lives in burrows on sandy and muddy flats in shallow water. Rarely found outside its burrow, more often seen only with its eyes protruding from its sandy area. Very curious and will come out when approached by experienced dive guides, who know the mimic magic. It is active during the day. It displays a black or brown and white striped pattern when agitated. The stripes are not as clear as on the wonderpus. The mimic has V-shaped white markings on its body and high stalked eyes. These are two characteristics that distinguish this species from the wonderpus. It is known to mimic up to 17 different species, including the sea snake, flounder, lionfish, sting ray and feather star.
Frequency of sightings:
Best time of year:
All year round, November is generally the mimic month
Body size up to 60cm.
Divesites seen at:
Hairball 1, Hairball 2, Hairball 3, Heynus, Jahir, Jahir 2, Magic Crack, Retak Larry (Larrys Crack), Slow Poke, TK 1, TK2, TK3
Taxonomical order of this critter:
- Algae octopus
- Blue-ringed octopus
- Coconut octopus
- Hairy octopus
- Longarm octopus
- Mimic octopus
- Mototi octopus
- Paper nautilus
- Reef Octopus
- Starry night octopus
- Wunderpus octopus

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