Pterois volitans
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Usually solitary but in Lembeh often aggregates in small schools of up to 10 individuals. Mostly on reefs but also around moorings and outgrows on the sandy bottom divesites. During the day hides motionless seeking protection from any structure. It hunts during afternoons, at dusk and during night. When it hunts it hovers above the bottom, displaying its dorsal rays and streamer-like pectoral fins waiting for its prey.
Frequency of sightings:
Best time of year:
to 50 m depth, size up to 38cm
Divesites seen at:
Air Bajo, Air Prang, Air Prang 2, Air Prang 3, Angels Window, Aw Shucks, Batu Angus, Batu Kapal, Batu Merah, Batu Sandar, California Dreaming, Critter Hunt, Goby A Crab, Hairball 1, Hairball 2, Hairball 3, Heynus, Jahir, Jahir 2, Jiko Yansi, Lembeh Resort House Reef, Madidir, Magic Crack, Magic Rock, Makawide, Makawide 2, Makawide 3, Nudi Falls, Nudi Retreat, Pantai Jiko, Pantai Kecil, Pantai Parigi, Pante Abo, Pintu Colada, Pintu Kota Besar (Seagrass), Pintu Kota Kecil, Police Pier, Police Pier 2, Pulau Abadi, Pulau Dua, Pulau Putus, Retak Larry (Larrys Crack), ROJOS, Serena Besar, Serena West, Slow Poke, Tanjung Kubur, Tanjung kusu-kusu, Tanjung Tebal, TK 1, TK2, TK3
Taxonomical order of this critter:
Sand Dweller
Buttom dweller
Lion Fish
- Common lionfish
- Shortfin Lionfish
- Twinspot Lionfish
- Zebra Lionfish

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